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Energy Sub-Indicator

 Energy Coal Source Sub-Indicator Coal Burning Sub-Indicator Coal Disposal Sub-Indicator Energy Profile Sub-Indicator Natural Gas [...]

agriculture sub-indicators

Agriculture Index Overview Overall Index Results Non-Point Source Pollution Metric CAFO Metric Buffer Metric Fertilizer Metric  Water Withdrawal Metric  Agricultural [...]

Community Sub-Indicator

The following metrics attempt to capture information about the cohesiveness, strength, and civic engagement of communities. They provide a general evaluation of the [...]

Livability Sub-Indicator

The following metrics attempt to capture information about the fairness, distribution, and accessibility of resources essential to a high quality of life. These resources [...]

Education Sub-Indicator

  Education is one of the primary means of social mobility, and ensuring that all children and young-adults have access to a quality education is imperative to [...]

Health and Safety Sub-Indicator

Health and safety both address individuals’ and families’ need to live in a protected environment, and both are determined by people’s living environment, financial [...]

Poverty Sub-Indicator

Poverty alleviation is one of the great targets in sustainable development and achieving social equality. As a sub-indicator, poverty has strong links with other metrics [...]

Energy Profile Sub-Indicator

How energy is used is closely related to developmental sustainability. Analysis of it will reflect the basic situation of energy usage. In addition, it still involves energy [...]

Coal Disposal Sub-Indicator

Coal combustion residuals, known more generally as “coal ash” are generally considered a primary industrial waste in the United States, with a total nation-wide [...]

Coal Burning Sub-Indicator

Electric generation from coal produces emissions that have an effect on human health and the environment. These effects vary from cancer, reproductive effects, ecological [...]
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