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Industry Pollution

Pollution from industry was measured in two ways: Brownfield contamination (land) and CO2 emissions (air). Data for CO2 emissions were taken from the U.S. Energy Information [...]

Industry Toxic Release

To assess the sustainability of different sub-sectors within industry, data were taken from EPA’s Toxic Release Inventory, which tracks harmful chemicals released from [...]

Natural Gas

Natural gas was measured across three metrics; Production Efficiency and Electricity Generation compared to Coal. Data for production rates and electricity generation rates [...]

Household Energy Consumption

In 2012, United States households accounted for 21% of total primary energy consumption and about 20% of carbon dioxide emissions (U.S. Energy Information Administration). [...]

Residential Environment Quality

To assess the residential environmental quality for each state, the following metrics were used: Outdoor air quality, total amount of green space, total tree canopy coverage, [...]

Soft Transportation

Due to its impact on environmental, economic, and ethical sustainability, SustainIN was interested in examining active transportation, referred to in the index as “soft [...]

forestry sub-indicator

Four metrics were analyzed in the category of Forestry to obtain state rankings. Individual state data for the acres of forestry, the net volume of trees, the annual harvest [...]

Indoor Air Quality and Health

The following metrics attempt to capture information about the level of indoor air quality for each state and its’ related health impacts. Indoor air quality can affect [...]

Residential Sub-indicator

  Residential Household Energy Consumption Sub-Indicator Indoor Air Quality and Health Sub-Indicator Soft Transportation Sub-Indicator Residential Environmental Quality [...]
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