Energy Sub-Indicators

Natural Gas

Natural gas was measured across three metrics; Production Efficiency and Electricity Generation compared to Coal. Data for production rates and electricity generation rates [...]

Energy Sub-Indicator

 Energy Coal Source Sub-Indicator Coal Burning Sub-Indicator Coal Disposal Sub-Indicator Energy Profile Sub-Indicator Natural Gas [...]

Energy Profile Sub-Indicator

How energy is used is closely related to developmental sustainability. Analysis of it will reflect the basic situation of energy usage. In addition, it still involves energy [...]

Coal Disposal Sub-Indicator

Coal combustion residuals, known more generally as “coal ash” are generally considered a primary industrial waste in the United States, with a total nation-wide [...]

Coal Burning Sub-Indicator

Electric generation from coal produces emissions that have an effect on human health and the environment. These effects vary from cancer, reproductive effects, ecological [...]

Coal Source Sub-Indicator

Coal serves as the primary energy source for much of the United States, contributing 39 percent of total energy generated in 2013 (EIA – U.S. Electricity Generation 2015). [...]